About us

Convex's mission is to fundamentally change how software is built on the Internet and who gets to build it. We aim to empower teams, large or small, to build fast, reliable, and dependable dynamic systems at scale. Developers shouldn't have to form an opinion on Alpine Linux vs. Ubuntu or have the slightest idea how to configure Kafka. We believe with the right abstractions, it's possible to develop sophisticated apps entirely on your laptop, deploy them seamlessly on managed backends, and head out to dinner—confident your application will run identically in production at scale. No DevOps. This is the fulfillment of the exciting new serverless movement, and we're going to make it happen.

Our team includes Principal Engineers and Engineering Directors who have led exabyte-scale storage projects, built custom global databases with trillions of records, and shipped desktop and mobile software onto billions of devices. All of us have deep experience with managing critical shared user state in large, successful services. Now, together at Convex, we've reflected on those collective lessons, and we have asked, listened, and learned about the needs of modern web and mobile teams.

We've started to create something we believe is an entirely new and substantially better platform for teams of the future. We're eager to create the solution we wished we'd had for all those tricky frontend and backend problems we've wrestled to the ground over the years. We're motivated by the prospect of a new wave of teams using Convex and excited to empower them to solve challenges that only recently were quite daunting.


Jamie Turner
Co-Founder / CEO

James Cowling
Co-Founder / CTO

Sujay Jayakar
Co-Founder / Chief Scientist

Myoung Kang
Head of Finance

Braden Walker
Software Engineer

Indy Khare
Software Engineer

Gautam Gupta
Software Engineer

Nipunn Koorapati
Software Engineer